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A tomato freshly picked from the vine delights the senses with its juiciness, sweetness and tartness all at once. This kind of pure and simple flavour is what Cafe&Meal MUJI holds most sacred. We want to let the natural flavours of the ingredients-and all the goodness of the sun, soil and water that are soaked in them-really stand out. That is why we prepare our dishes in as simple a manner as possible, where the use of added flavours and preservatives are minimized. Cafe&Meal MUJI sources ingredients from around the world, mainly in Japan. We visit the fields to maintain direct contact with our growers, so we can obtain ingredients at their seasonal best. In all these ways and more, we bring you dishes from food cultures with a distinct history. Our hope is to make sure-in some small ways-that this culinary approach lives on for future generations.

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